Strawberry, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Red Onion & Lemon Salad

Tangy, check. Citrusy, check, subtle sweetness, check. Light, fresh and ridiculously tasty, check, check, check!!

Not only does this salad look spectacular, its bursting with zingy flavours and sumptuous textures, with the added bonus of it being SO easy to put together.

This salad here is my idea of the perfect summer salad. Bright aromatic tomatoes are in season, succulent strawberries are in season and the wonderfully fresh and vibrant cilantro just quietly sings in the background of this dish, creating a beautifully balanced melody of flavours.

The most tedious part of this salad is quick pickling the red onion and lemon rind. The longer you leave these ingredients sitting in the acid and sugar mix the more vibrant and deep in colour they will become. I recommend at least an hour, but if you have the time, two or three would be best.



1½ tbsp white-wine vinegar

1 lemon– finely pare off 3 wide strips of peel; then juice

1 tsp caster sugar

Salt and black pepper

½ large red onion, peeled and finely sliced

350g cherry tomatoes, roughly cut into 4cm pieces

150g strawberries, roughly chopped

bunch of coriander, roughly torn

2½ tbsp olive oil


  1. Firstly prepare the pickling liquid. Add the white wine vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and a pinch of salt to a bowl. Mix well. Add the sliced red onion and lemon rind and leave for at least an hour to pickle.

  2. 5 minutes before you are ready to serve assemble the salad. Add the sliced tomatoes to a mixing bowl strawberries.

  3. Drain the pickling liquid from the red onion and lemon rind and set aside. This will be your dressing. Finely slice the lemon rind and add it to the mixing bowl along with the pickled onion.

  4. Add the olive oil to the reserved pickling liquid. Season with a little more salt and black pepper. Pour into the mixing bowl. Gently using your hands toss everything together and coat in the dressing.

  5. Using a slotted spoon or your hands transfer the salad to your serving platter. Do not add all of the dressing, once the salad is well mixed in the liquid that will be enough.

  6. Sprinkle over some coriander and crack over a little more black pepper. Eat immediately.

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