'Discarded Starter' Kimchi Pancakes with Sriracha Mayo & Green Onions

I have been trying to think of new ways to use the discarded starter for ages now and this one came to me quite naturally. I had run out of avocado and tomato (I know, disaster!) for my usual sourdough with avo and tomato so I started using mushrooms, kimchi and other savoury ingredients I had in the fridge. Thats when I figured I LOVE kimchi for breakfast, especially on something that can soak up all those wonderful tangy ingredients.

So on this particular morning I was planing on making pancakes with my 'discarded starter' and had the idea to add the juices of the kimchi into the actual batter. One thing led to anther and before I knew it I had a creamy and spicy sauce drizzled over these beautifully tangy pancakes.

If you are a fan of savoury breakfast this is definitely a winner, I am completely and utterly hooked.

Also, when you are buying kimchi ensure that you are buying a 'fish free' version as it is usually made with fish sauce. I have a couple of recipes for amazing raw kimchi's made using pineapple and mango that I will upload soon.



200g discarded starter

50g of kimchi + juices

2 green onions, sliced

1 tbs toasted sesame or togaroshi ( a Japanese spice blend of sesame seeds and chilli)

1 tbs vegan mayo

1/2 tbs sriracha

1 tbs water to loosen


  1. Firstly, take about 2 tbs of the kimchi liquid and add it to your starter in a bowl, mix well. Finely chop the kimchi and leave on your chopping board.

  2. Take a frying pan and place it on medium heat. Add a good glug of a neutral oil and let it get quite hot before adding in the starter mix.Using the pan try and spread out the starter as thin as possible.

  3. Sprinkle half of the chopped kimchi into the frying pan on top of the uncooked dough. Add the slices of one green onion, some toasted sesame and season with salt and pepper.

  4. It is ready to flip when the outsides are completely cooked and the middle is almost there. There should be plenty of wholes on the surface of the pancake. Carefully flip the pancake and cook on the opposite side for another 5 minutes. Turn down the heat if it is getting too brown.

  5. When it is done transfer to a plate and cut into 8 triangles, like a pizza.

  6. Sprinkle over the rest of the green onion and the toasted sesame.

  7. In a little bowl mix the mayo, sriracha and water. Drizzle over the spicy mayo and serve!

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