Aoife Carroll, a plant based chef & food blogger. Find plant based recipes, minimalist and sustainability tips & learn how a plant based lifestyle can enhance your life. 

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Welcome to FLOURISH cuisine. Find wholesome plant based recipes, sustainable lifestyle tips & veggie filled videos.


Aoife Carroll
Chopping Vegetables

Welcome to Flourish Cuisine, a plant based platform where founder and creator Chef Aoife Carroll shares her incredibly nutritious raw and cooked plant based recipes. This online community hopes to spread awareness for healthy and sustainable eating, exciting people about the endless delicious meals that are available, to promote optimal health while always keeping eating interesting and exceptionally tasty.

Aoife’s passion to share her ever growing knowledge and creative flare for plant based cuisine is driven by her want to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle by adopting a few small changes that in the long run will make the world of difference to their long-term health.


For Aoife, nurturing our environment is just as important as nurturing our bodies. She puts great emphasis on the importance of supporting local small businesses and using organic seasonal produce. This way the carbon footprint for food imports is low and small businesses can thrive in today’s competitive food industry. Shop locally, shop organically and support your local farmers market and health food stores. If an ingredient isn’t in season, there are always substitutes or alternatives.

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