Welcome to Flourish Cuisine, a plant based platform where founder and creator Chef Aoife Carroll shares her incredibly nutritious raw and cooked plant based recipes. This online community hopes to spread awareness for healthy and sustainable eating, exciting people about the endless delicious meals that are available, to promote optimal health while always keeping eating interesting and exceptionally tasty.

Aoife’s passion to share her ever growing knowledge and creative flare for plant based cuisine is driven by her want to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle by adopting a few small changes that in the long run will make the world of difference to their long-term health.


For Aoife, nurturing our environment is just as important as nurturing our bodies. She puts great emphasis on the importance of supporting local small businesses and using organic seasonal produce. This way the carbon footprint for food imports is low and small businesses can thrive in today’s competitive food industry. Shop locally, shop organically and support your local farmers market and health food stores. If an ingredient isn’t in season, there are always substitutes or alternatives.

Festive Dinner Table

Chef Aoife is available to cater for weddings, parties, retreats, corporate events, dinner parties and much more. With years of experience creating menu plans for superyacht charters she always produces innovative, original and beautifully presented plant based cuisine. With a BA in Italian and Art History, Aoife pulls inspiration from her creative international studies and her travels throughout the world.  

Aoife’s close and open relationships with her clients ensures that their delicious food vision is always delivered.

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Aoife’s food journey all started 8 years ago in Dublin, her hometown in Ireland. Having dropped out of her Engineering degree in university after 3 months she decided to follow her passion for food in Florence, Italy where she studied the Italian language and Italian cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu.


Although Aoife’s passion for healthy, creative and delicious food grew, she returned to Dublin to complete her university degree, this time in Italian and Art History. Throughout her college years Aoife created the website Eat Well Travel Far. An online platform where Aoife designed, created and shared mostly plant based recipes. Reaching over 15,000 people across the world on a daily basis and gaining over 9,000 followers in its first year, Aoife was soon asked to contribute to food magazines in Ireland.


The success of Aoife’s first blog enabled her to secure her first job as a private chef on a superyacht. Sailing more than 16,000nm over the course of the last couple of years around the globe. Her awareness for the worlds polluted environment grew as she witnessed the toxic amounts of plastic and waste in our seas today. Striving for an ethical and eco-friendly future Aoife completely condemns single use plastic and the use of plastic in general. To help reduce waste where ever and whenever possible. Reusable and sustainable methods are always applied, supporting an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Raw Vegan 'Tuna' Radish & Tomato Canapes



Aoife began her plant based journey five years ago. Dealing with consistent food reflux after consuming dairy and suffering with very problematic hormonal pimples on her skin she began investigating the probable causes of these problems. After extensive reading and research, cutting out dairy seemed to be the best option and after a couple of months, the reflux subsided and Aoife’s hormonal acne cleared up almost completely.

Over the course of the last four years Aoife has slowly reduced the amount of meat and fish that she consumed. Increasing the amount of plant based foods and eliminating meat and fish completely has lead Aoife to where she is now, living a conscious and mindful lifestyle. Abundance of energy, wellness and positive mental health have all been products of this way of life.


Now, after graduating from the Living Light Culinary Institute Mastery of Raw Vegan Cuisine Aoife is looking to take the next step in sharing and developing healthy food. She is ready to spread the powerful message that a plant based diet emulates. Creating a cookbook, opening a restaurant and running vegan yoga retreats are all in the pipeline for this new plant based chef.

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Some where in North Vancouver flourish.cuisine.chef@gmail.com  |  Tel: 236 335 8691

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